I just want to share this picture, my ‘nanay & tatay’ (with my niece ian). They are the most wonderful parents ever. I know I’m not the perfect daughter they prayed for, but hey! nobody’s perfect, right? 🙂 I Love them so much, that even if I can’t really show it that much, even if they doubt me most of the time, they scold me, question every decision I made in life, & when it seems like I’m a disappointment to them… Still, I LOVE THEM!!! It’s part of their job being our parents, and in return, we have to give back, our Love & appreciation… Don’t worry ‘Natay’, I’ll not disappoint you this time, and if I may, I’m sorry, I’m just human… 🙂
God bless you both, and we really can’t wait for 5years more.. for you to celebrate your Golden Anniversary!!!

(p.s. sagot q na outfit nyo.. hehe)