My Wonderful Parents

I just want to share this picture, my ‘nanay & tatay’ (with my niece ian). They are the most wonderful parents ever. I know I’m not the perfect daughter they prayed for, but hey! nobody’s perfect, right? 🙂 I Love them so much, that even if I can’t really show it that much, even if they doubt me most of the time, they scold me, question every decision I made in life, & when it seems like I’m a disappointment to them… Still, I LOVE THEM!!! It’s part of their job being our parents, and in return, we have to give back, our Love & appreciation… Don’t worry ‘Natay’, I’ll not disappoint you this time, and if I may, I’m sorry, I’m just human… 🙂
God bless you both, and we really can’t wait for 5years more.. for you to celebrate your Golden Anniversary!!!

(p.s. sagot q na outfit nyo.. hehe)



Sleeping Child

Lying beside him at night, just watching him sleep, while i watch tv or play at the pc – kinda boring I may say – but it gives me a feeling of tranquility & security. It feels like there’s serenety in him, so peaceful, so innocent like a Sleeping Child, and I love it. Plus the fact that I’m gonna be at his sight when he wakes up.

jdcrose ^^,

Don’t Give Up

“Whatever you’re going through right now…
just remember,
there’s hope in every breath,
in every heartbeat &
in every smile…
Don’t give up.”

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Happy Birthday Bhezt!

To my dearest, most trusted, lovable, understanding, humble, sweet, soft-spoken, smart & beautiful Bhezt Friend..

God knows how much I’m thankful to have you in my life., your a very dear friend, you know how, to touch each one w/ your sweet smile & your thoughtful advices..

i wish you all the best, & w/ God, LJ & everyone else by your side, i know, there’ll be more blessings to come..

i Love you soo much Bhezt..
Hugs & Kisses x.o.x.o.


Quote For the Day

“You might not be exactly where you had intended to go, but you are precisely where you need to be.”

Varsity Jacket


Varsity Jackets

since it’s IN nowadays, we decided to order customized jackets for the both of us. For the colors, of course we chose our favorites, and we also have our nicknames printed at the back.

Just to share this pic, I hope you’ll get an idea from this, if ever you’ll get interested in having your own customized varsity jacket. ^.^

_ jdcRose _